Dyke Johannsen – Arbejder 1949 - 2009
Oeuvre catalogue of Danish artist Dyke Johannsen exposing his work from a period for over sixty years. The catalogue shows the artists' versatility: paintings, watercolors, ceramics, sculptures, lithographs and etchings. The book is divided into decades, beginning in the late forties of the last century.
title Dyke Johannsen – Arbejder 1949 - 2009
client Dyke Johannsen
publisher Jane Johannsen
editor Geske Johannsen + Wout de Vringer
author Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen, Antje Marczinowski
book design Wout de Vringer
reproduction photography Helmut Kunde
font AB BaldingerPro
size 230 x 280 mm
pages 160
printing full colour + pantone warm grey 4; offset
cover hardcover + dustjacket full colour offset
published 2010
isbn 978-87-993857-0-6