Jildiz Kaptein is a photographer who recorded the clothing tradition of Vastenavend in Bergen op Zoom, a town in the south of the Netherlands where she was born. She turned this project into a beautiful book that catches the colors of tradition and identity, while the past and present merge harmoniously. But above all, it catches the invaluable moments of being together with loved ones, in which the family ties and sense of community deepen.
title Krabbegat
client Jildiz Kaptein
publisher Jildiz Kaptein
photography Jildiz Kaptein
photo edit Marc Prüst, Jildiz Kaptein
image editing Mischa Bonis van Ginneken, Jildiz Kaptein
text Willem Loeff, Natascha Droste, Jildiz Kaptein
book design Wout de Vringer
font BVH Baldinger (bvhtype)
size 210 x 300 mm
pages 160
printing full colour offset
cover softcover with Swiss binding; full colour offset + blind embossing
printer NPN Printers
published 2023
isbn 978-90-9037635-6