Sleep Naked
“Man is the sickest animal, Nietzsche wrote somewhere. Other animals have an intuitive knowing about how to live. Man, on the other hand, knows nothing at all. And even if we have a task or goal, we are too poorly equipped to achieve it. We are not armored, strong or fast. Our instincts are weak. Our fur is thin. Whoever sleeps naked doesn't last long. Unless you leave a trace, such as a text on the wall.” - Menno de Bree
title Sleep Naked
client Komma, No Ordinary Publisher
publisher Komma, No Ordinary Publisher
author Donald van Tol
photography Donald van Tol
text Menno de Bree, Donald van Tol
book design Wout de Vringer
font Zeitung Pro, Insider Stencil
size 220 x 155 mm
pages 70
printing full colour offset
cover softcover; full colour offset
printer Oranje van Loon
published 2019
isbn 978-90-91525-81-0