Exit GEMAK: All Art is Political
Still unexpected until the very last, the end of GEMAK came with an announcement on the website: “GEMAK to close its doors". And now only a one-day event, Exit GEMAK: all art is political | Kunst = Politiek, remains. With it, the essence of what GEMAK was will be touched upon for the very last time. Art as a starting point for discussions, lectures and interviews with regard to a constantly changing society, both close to home and far afield. GEMAK was also a platform for topical and controversial themes at the cutting edge of art, society and politics. In 1947, the advancement of artistic practice, experiment and diversity already stood at the basis of the Vrije Academie and since its establishment in 2007, GEMAK continued to uphold these goals. This catalogue gives an overview of the many activities and expositions that have taken place over a period of eight years.
title Exit GEMAK: All Art is Political
client GEMAK
publisher GEMAK
photography Melissa Cruz Garcia and many others
text Saskia Gras, Jos de Groot & Marie Jeanne de Rooij
design Wout de Vringer
font AB BaldingerPro
size 170 x 240 mm
pages 72
printing full colour offset
cover paperback, full colour offset
published 2015
isbn 978-90-816733-4-1