More and more chefs are using fruit and vegetables for their signature dishes. Think of short-season products, special fruit and vegetables from Japan or fresh seaweeds from the Eastern Scheldt. The world of fruit and vegetables continues to surprise. Rungis is the fruit and vegetable specialist par excellence for the Dutch culinary world. In 1989, Gert-Jan and Francis Zonneveld Piek started Rungis in a barn in Barendrecht. The independent family business now employs some two hundred people. They value continuity and have developed a leading range of products by regularly asking chefs and entrepreneurs what makes them happy.‘De smaak van Rungis’ (The taste of Rungis) not only features fruit and vegetables but also chefs and their innovative dishes. The book oozes tips from peers, and it encourages experimentation.
title De smaak van Rungis
client Komma, No Ordinary Publisher
publisher Komma, No Ordinary Publisher, Rungis
art direction Steven Hond, Wout de Vringer, Niels van den Berg
photography Sven ter Heide and others
text Rungis, Ellen Scholtens, Caroline Ludwig
book design Wout de Vringer
font Auto 1 (Underware)
size 240 x 340 mm
pages 256
printing full colour offset
cover hardcover with Swiss binding; black & green metallic ink and silver shiny foil stamp
printer Wilco Art Books
published 2023
isbn 978-90-833673-0-9