Otto Hamer: Belendende Zaken
Book for artist Otto Hamer. In this book he describes his vision as such: “An artist, in making his work, is not accountable to any authority or aesthetic that might be found outside himself. He is lord and master of his actions. He can speculate, associate, alienate and fabulate freely and unfettered. He even has to do that: it is expected of him. And that is what will happen in this publication. It is up to the viewer to judge what is sense or nonsense”.
title Otto Hamer: Belendende Zaken
client Otto Hamer
publisher self-published
artist Otto Hamer
text Otto Hamer
photography Jaap van de Klomp
book design Wout de Vringer
font Grotesque MT
size 210 x 280 mm
pages 96
printing full colour digital printing
cover softcover; full colour digital printing
printer Impressed print & sign
published 2019
isbn 978-90-9031449-5