Een Rondje IJsselmeer
In ‘Een rondje IJsselmeer’ (An IJsselmeer tour), we see a beautiful series of photos in which Edwin Donders (photographer and cameraman) has recorded our interventions around the lake. Sometimes subtle and almost unnoticeable, but more often magnificently present. He decided not only to photograph the IJsselmeer, but also to delve deeper into the lake, which used to be a dangerous inland sea. That is how he came across the 1932 collection of sagas and legends around the Zuiderzee by Simon Franke. Franke's old-fashioned, yet fluent language formed such a beautiful contrast with Edwin's modern photographs that he decided to select a number of stories and include them in the book.
title Een Rondje IJsselmeer
client Komma, No Ordinary Publisher
publisher Komma, No Ordinary Publisher
author Edwin Donders
photography Edwin Donders
text Simon Franke (from: Sagen en Legenden Rond de Zuiderzee)
book design Wout de Vringer
font Dolly, BVH Baldinger Pro
size 223 x 165 mm
pages 192
printing duotone offset in Black + PMS Cool Grey 10 U; black endpapers
cover hardcover; offset in Black + PMS Metallic Silver
printer Wilco Art Books
published 2022
isbn 978-90-831937-9-3