La Caravana del Diablo
Every day thousands of people leave in a caravan from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador via Mexico to America because of escalating violence, murders and poor economic conditions in their own country. A journey in which hundreds of miles have to be covered, often on foot, full of fear of being arrested and sent back or, in some cases, even disappearing. Under the policy of former US President Donald Trump, despite fierce opposition, 'The wall' was built to keep these immigrants out of 'The Northern Triangle'. As a result, the crossing to America became even more dangerous. It is photographer Ada Trillo's mission to portray this harrowing situation. In 'La caravana del diablo' she does not look away, but confronts. Ada shows that each of these thousands of migrants is a person. A human with family, fear, hopes and dreams.
title La Caravana del Diablo
client Komma, No Ordinary Publisher
publisher Komma, No Ordinary Publisher
author Ada Trillo
photography Ada Trillo
text Helen Cunningham Newbold
book design Wout de Vringer
font Zeitung Pro
size 305 x 250 mm
pages 192
printing offset in black, PMS Silver Metallic and Red PMS 032; endpapers in offset in PMS Silver Metallic and Red PMS 032
cover hardcover; offset in black, PMS Silver Metallic and Red PMS 032 + silver foil stamp
published 2021
isbn 978-94-91525-93-3